1) Unclear purpose, vision or direction

2) Destructive thinking – processes of thought that are doing you harm

3) Low productivity – what are you actually achieving?

4) Fixed mindset or very narrow views (so narrow minded he can see through a key hole with both eyes)

5) Weak energy – low energy – maintain your physical health

6) Not asking the right questions -questions direct your thinking so make sure you’re using ones that will lead to growth and expansion

7) Poor presentation skills – if you can’t deliver you gift effectively what use is it?

8) Mistaking IQ for EQ – employ people who are emotionally stable not just bright

9) Poor self image

10) Not enough time for thinking – you have the same amount of time each day as Jesus or the apostle Paul had . . .

11) No daily rituals – structure can keep you safe and going in the right direction when you’re feeling weak and vulnerable

12) Accumulated stress

13) Too few relationships

14) Lack of persistence

15) Obsession with money

16) Not managing your weaknesses